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Conneckta provides staffing and recruiting services for high-growth VC-backed startups, SaaS companies and the Vista Equity portfolio of companies.

A deep focus of technology staffing and recruiting

With offices in Denver, Colorado Conneckta supports our clients in the US market. We can deliver talent needed for high-growth companies across the country.
IT Projects

Vista Equity Portfolio 

Conneckta is the only agency actively tracking candidates that have passed the CCAT assessment. We maintain a pipeline of qualified prospects ready to begin interviewing immediately. 

Whether your company is part of the Endeavor, Flagship, Perennial or Foundation fund, our success is founded on delivering employees and contractors across the entire portfolio of Vista Equity companies.


Full Time Employee Recruiting

Conneckta has a singular focus on  helping technology companies hire the critical talent they need for growth.  This covers everything from engineering to sales, presales, postsales, product and everything in-between.

Office Work Desk
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Candidates that are a fit for the world of Vista Equity

Conneckta understands the talent profile needed for Vista Equity portfolio companies.  We also know how to prepare and get candidates through the CCAT with a pass rate of greater than 50%.


Contractor Staffing

We provide specialized contractors to work on short-term or long-term projects specific to your needs.  Including: 

  • Technical Engineering

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Marketing

  • Sales 

  • Operations


We have a lot of success supporting VC-backed software companies as they hire early stage critical employees. We have helped Series A funded companies up to companies with Unicorn status with hiring employees. Additionally, we have helped these clients with hiring across all teams; engineering, sales, marketing, post-sales, product, ops and more.

Conneckta has been a critical lifeline for our hiring needs this year.

This has been a better recruiting experience I’ve had than with any other agency. Most people don’t have this much insight to their clients and the opportunity they’re talking about.

Thank you for being with me every step of the way and for helping me get through the CCAT assessment.

Wow. This is the first agency I’ve seen that aligns and understands the world of Vista Equity.

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