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Conneckta provides staffing services and technical project delivery expertise  aligned to supporting Vista Equity portfolio companies and its alumni.

One company to support an entire portfolio

With offices in Denver, Colorado and Mexico City, Conneckta supports the entire Vista Equity portfolio across the Americas. We can deliver IT programs and projects or the critical talent needed for high-growth environments across these two continents.

Vista Focused IT Project Delivery

If you’re delivering on the BOSS program, or building something custom to your organization we look forward to helping you deliver on these projects.

Whether your company is part of the Endeavor, Flagship, Perennial or Foundation fund, our success is founded on delivering similar projects across the entire portfolio of Vista Equity companies.

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Full Time Employee Recruiting

Our recruitment teams are setup to walk qualified candidates through the CCAT assessment, resulting in higher than average pass rates.

Interview eligible candidates immediately

We are the only agency actively tracking which of our candidates have passed the CCAT. We have a pipeline of qualified prospects ready to begin interviewing immediately. 


Contractor Staffing

We provide specialized contractors to work on short-term or long-term projects specific to your needs.  Including: 

  • Technical Engineering

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Marketing

  • Sales 

  • Operations


These resources can be onshore, nearshore and in any kind of mix of onsite or remote. A primary focus for Conneckta is redeploying contractors that are familiar with the expectations or environment of a Vista Equity portfolio company.

Conneckta has been a critical lifeline for our hiring needs this year.

This has been a better recruiting experience I’ve had than with any other agency. Most people don’t have this much insight to their clients and the opportunity they’re talking about.

Thank you for being with me every step of the way and for helping me get through the CCAT assessment.

Wow. This is the first agency I’ve seen that aligns and understands the world of Vista Equity.